The goal of the Need-Based Scholarship Program (“NBS”) is to get people back on their feet in a variety of ways. The long-term benefits of club soccer are substantial, but participation shouldn’t send families into debt. Scholarship assistance looks different for each family, depending on their needs.

Each scholarship starts at 75% of registration fees. That means that families are asked to contribute 25% to participate in NEFC. In order to apply for NBS, families must submit a current-year tax return to verify income. Over the last few years, we noticed that tax returns are a barrier many families applying are unable to overcome. Starting in 2021, families will be given free tax preparation services. NEFC also provides uniform and training gear assistance. Lastly, we offer additional programming that allows families to use soccer as a resource. These programs are highlighted below.

Program Highlights

Financial Aid Awards are based upon demonstrated need only. Demonstrated financial need is the only determinant in receiving financial assistance and is not contingent upon playing ability.

  • 75% scholarship towards registration fees
  • Uniform & training gear cost-assistance
  • Prep-school recruitment
  • Access to College Center:
    • Resume builder
    • Higher education introductions
  • Basic Human Services Assistance:
    • Tax-preparation
    • Credit Education
    • Career Workshop
    • Nutrition Counseling
    • Stay Active Training & Recovery Plans