The goal of the Need-Based Scholarship Program (“NBS”) is to get people back on their feet in a variety of ways. The long-term benefits of club soccer are substantial, but participation shouldn’t send families into debt. Scholarship assistance looks different for each family, depending on their needs.

Each scholarship starts at 75% of registration fees. Families are asked to contribute the remaining 25% in order to participate. In order to apply for NBS, families must submit a current-year tax return to verify income. Income requirements are listed below. If families do not have a current year tax return, NEFC provides free tax assistance. Please email if you require tax preparation assistance. NEFC also provides the following additional benefits. If your family would like to learn more about the benefits listed below, please mention that in your inquiry.

Program Highlights

Financial Aid Awards are based upon demonstrated need only. Demonstrated financial need is the only determinant in receiving financial assistance and is not contingent upon playing ability.

  • 75% scholarship towards registration fees
  • Uniform & training gear cost-assistance
  • Prep-school recruitment
  • Access to College Center:
    • Resume builder
    • Higher education introductions
  • Basic Human Services Assistance:
    • Tax-preparation
    • Credit Education
    • Career Workshop
    • Nutrition Counseling
    • Stay Active Training & Recovery Plans

Families must meet the income requirements listed below. The player being applied for must be listed as a dependent on the tax return. Should families not meet these income requirements, please inquire with your regional director of coaching for other financial aid opportunities. Families can also visit, Every Kid Sports, to apply to their National Pass Program in which they provide a portion of registration fees.

Household SizeAnnual Income
Each add’l family member$8,399.00

Please note the following:

Scholarships may take until August 1 to process, although we hope to process sooner.

If you plan to apply, please do not register until you have received either verification of your voucher code or heard otherwise. Scholarships are not guaranteed. Families that register before receiving their scholarship voucher, those applications will be considered denied and will not be considered for a need based scholarship.

Please notify your coach that you applied for a scholarship, if you are worried about loosing your spot on the team.

Need Based Scholarship Application

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