Provide female athletes with the tools to feel empowered and to develop confidence and leadership skills.

Young women, especially those of minorities or economically disadvantaged households, drop out of sports at 2x the rate of boys. Researchers have found that participation in any sport supports high academic achievement and self-confidence.

In addition to the resources below, NEF-SHE provides scholarships that allow girls from marginalized communities to stay in the sport longer. These scholarships are supported by the generous donations of individuals, organizations and foundations.

Program Highlights

The NEF-SHE Women in Sport program aims to empower young female athletes and provide them with key resources and skills to equip them for success both on and off the field, such as:

  • series of workshops
  • events
  • monthly newsletter
  • video podcast series

This program combines sport-specific resources that are important to on-field success alongside psychological and social tools that can be applied both on and off-field. By breaking down barriers and empowering female athletes to take control of their own narratives, we provide them with the confidence and skills to help them pave a path towards their aspirations. 

Our female athletes and coaches are the foundation of this program. Their contribution to the content we publish is key to the program’s success. As a result of giving our female athletes a voice and allowing them to co-create their story, we not only give life to their aspirations but also inspire generations to come.

To get involved or for more information, please visit:

Chloe Raco

NEF-She Program 268-6812