As a non-profit organization, your donation supports our holistic approach to supporting families in need because they are struggling. In addition to our Social Equity Initiative, we have expanded family and community support to our families under the Need-Based Scholarship Program and have a female empowerment program called NEF-SHE.

“NEFC Giving goes beyond the soccer field. Over the last five years, we have seen the “off-field” challenges that our families are tasked with overcoming. We recently expanded our program offerings to provide tax preparation, financial education and mentorship. We are passionate about creating social equity programs that allow children to play the game they love in a safe and competitive setting while offering off-field benefits. With the generosity of you, we have helped hundreds of families and together let’s continue to expand our reach and offerings.”

– Director of Philanthropy, Anna Villarreal

What We Do

Provide Educational Services

We want to make sure our players are ready for college because physically active children are 15% more likely to attend college. We do this by:

  • First-in-Family Support for first generation college bound families
  • Prep School Showcase offering players soccer scholarships
  • CollegeFit Finder including resume builder and introductions to colleges
  • Financial Education including credit building
Offer life Management Services

Your donations prioritize off-field support because many of our families are not native to the United States and are English language learners.

  • Tax Preparation Assistance with translation services
  • Financial Education including adult career success workshops
  • Nutrition Advice
Improve Quality of Life

Participation in youth sports builds the future for success in both academics and career.

  • Empower girls through our NEF-She program
  • Improve quality of life by adding health and social benefits
active children benefits

“By investing in organized team sports it can help address the social determinants to health and add a much needed new program that adds compounding health and social benefits.”

-The Aspen Institute