“Those who are helped are often the first to help.

In this program, the mentees become the mentors.”

Director of Philanthropy, Anna Villarreal

How it Works

Meet a Mentor

Prep School Support

96% of high school dropouts across the nation were not participating in an athletic program.

Our mentors provide support to high school athletes to keep them engaged and motivated to succeed in both sports and academics. All of our mentors have played college soccer and serve as a phenomenal resource for helping advise on the college process. Most of our mentees come from economically disadvantaged communities and are faced with challenges that other high school students are not. Having a mentor that can share their first-hand experiences with these challenges is priceless.

College Support

75% of executives say that an applicant’s background in sports positively influence¬†hiring decisions.

Our mentors and college athletes work together to discuss finances, school work, sports, social and family life. Our mentors share similar experiences with our mentees and are therefore some of the best people to listen, give advice and help in anyway possible.

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Career Support

62% of business leaders played sports in their youth & that is even higher for females. 94% of female corporate executives played a sport.

We are extremely proud of our mentors. All of them have graduated college, found a career and for many, also started their own business. This entrepreneurial spirit is strengthened by the discipline of playing elite-level soccer while managing life, school and sports.


Are you a current or former NEFC player? To get involved, either as a mentee or mentor, please email anna@nefc.us.